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Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society. 

Have you ever wanted to make the fish in your tank happier and healthier by adding live plants?

Were you ever awed by the beauty of an aquascaped aquarium and wanted to try it yourself?

Thought you were the only one in the Pittsburgh area who cared about such things? PAPAS is here to help!

News -  The next PAPAS Meeting will be this Sunday, February 7 @ 2 pm @ Oddball Aquatics.  Due to some unfortunate last minute changes, Jeffrey Funk will not be able to give a presentation on Substrates for the Planted Aquarium.  Instead, we are going to have an aquascaping workshop instead!  

Thanks to the generosity of Dave and Stephanie @ Oddball Aquatics, they are allowing us to borrow some of the wonderful hardscape downstairs and use it to practice aquascaping.  Using an old 50g Aquarium that PAPAS has (36" wide x 18" deep x 18" tall), we will practice setting up an aquascape with driftwood and rocks. 

If you have already purchased some hardscape materials like driftwood or rocks and would like help arranging them into a cool looking aquarium scape, feel free to bring them in and take advantage of the planted aquarium experts @ the PAPAS meeting.  

If you've had an eye of some cool hardscape materials downstairs @ Oddball Aquatics, feel free to select the pieces and bring them upstairs to the meeting and see how those pieces can be arranged and imagined into the stunning aquascape of your dreams.  We hope to see everyone there and hope everyone will feel free to try their hands out aquascaping!

Congratulations to the 2016 PAPAS Officers!

Jeffrey Funk - President

Shaun Howard - Vice President

Steve Grendzinski - Treasurer

Tim Gross - Secretary


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