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Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society. 

Have you ever wanted to make the fish in your tank happier and healthier by adding live plants?

Were you ever awed by the beauty of an aquascaped aquarium and wanted to try it yourself?

Thought you were the only one in the Pittsburgh area who cared about such things? PAPAS is here to help!

News - February/March 2019

Update! Our March meeting will be at Elmer’s Aquarium

Our August field trip destination has been determined, we will be traveling to Black Moshannon State park in Central PA. Details will be announced such as ride sharing, accommodations and the like as they become available. 

We would like to ask that for the March meeting, all active members bring a flash drive with photos and/or video of their planted tanks to the meeting, or email them to Bevan and we will have a digital tour of the wide spectrum of aquascapes (or farms) the club has to draw inspiration from.

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