The Home of PAPAS

Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society. 

Have you ever wanted to make the fish in your tank happier and healthier by adding live plants?

Were you ever awed by the beauty of an aquascaped aquarium and wanted to try it yourself?

Thought you were the only one in the Pittsburgh area who cared about such things? PAPAS is here to help!

News -  Our June 7th speaker is none other than Cavan Allen!

Cavan is one of the founding member of PAPAS, an APC Admin, maintains the ever-helpful plant finder on APC, and was a Botany Contractor for the Smithsonian from 2009 through 2014. He currently is a member of the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association He has spoken at AGA Conventions, PAPAS, the Milwaukee Aquarium Society, Madison Area Area Aquatic Hobbyists as well as GWAPA.  He will be presenting on the role of organics in bba and tank maintenance practices to help prevent it.

2015 is going to be a big year for PAPAS. It is our 10th Anniversary, we have strengthened our partnership with GPASI, our display tank at Oddball is doing better than ever, and the AGA was only a short drive away this year. 2015 also brings the return of our strongest group of officers along with some resourceful and innovative new faces in the Society. We invite you to come and join us as we take the club in new and unexpected directions.


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